Value in Energy Savings

Whether it’s advanced lighting or affordable solar energy, we make it simple, transparent and affordable to achieve more savings and increase property value.


• Energy Star certification; rental price +13%, sales price +25%, occupancy rate +10%

• Simple and transparent energy audits; get the information you need, when you need it

• Save 5%-20% right away through low/no cost improvements

• Prioritize energy investments in your buildings portfolio

• Tailored investment retrofit programs that save you more than 30%

• Alternative financing options; making it feasible and affordable

• Energy conservation through behavioral change


Our Services

Energy Efficiency 101

Empowerment starts with knowledge. Citizen Energy coordinates community workshops to educate building stakeholders at-large about the energy efficiency life-cycle and provide transpartent information about the most optimal approaches. Attendees learn about the latest energy saving policies, incentives, financing vehicles, best practices, and technologies; and get the opportunity to network with and learn from peers. Contact us at to learn more about attending an upcoming workshop.


Energy Star Benchmark: Getting Started

Citizen Energy benchmarks buildings and certifies them through Energy Star; a proven model that recorded average energy savings of 2.4% annually. Energy Star Benchmarks provide building performance ratings (like a MPG rating in the auto industry). Benchmarking your building is a critical, inexpensive first step that allows you to compare performance with other similar buildings; understand baseline energy use and costs; and get an outlook on potential savings. 


Portfolio Evaluation and Baseline

If you own/manage a portfolio of buildings, Citizen Energy can create more value by benchmarking the entire portfolio before you take action or make investments in a single building. Establishing a portfolio baseline will help you identify and prioritize the largest energy users, but more importantly, the worst performing buildings for further assessments and investment upgrades. The portfolio evaluation also helps determine where your immediate returns are, and how much effort/resources you need to expend to achieve your enterprise objectives. 


Energy Savings Assessment: Building Doctors

Many times the specific reasons and justifications for improving a building’s energy performance are left unknown. To address this challenge, Citizen Energy performs on-site walkthough audits. Our team of experts obtains analytics on mechanical assets, occupancy patterns, plug load, building envelope and other components. Citizen Energy always identifies 5%-20% in savings improvements that require little to no capital investment. And, if we identify a need, we recommend investment worthy retrofit opportunities that save more than 30%.


Alternative Financing

Citizen Energy stays up to date and provides you with the latest financial alternatives available, including:

• Federal, State and Utility rebates and incentives; some paying nearly 50% of your retrofit/installation

• Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC); loans that you pay back with the energy savings created

• Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE); pay with your savings and over time on your property taxes

• Green Revolving Fund for portfolios; your internal loan for high ROI building, paid back through its savings

• Green Leasing; share the retrofit costs and then subsequent savings with your tenants


Rapid Payback Technologies


Citizen Energy provides cheaper turn-key deals with reputable technology companies, including technologies like:

• LED Lighting

• Energy Management Systems/Automated Central Controls/Smart Metering

• Cool Roofs

• Triple-Pane Insulated Windows

• Solar Power


Kill-A-Watt: Behavioral Change Program

The Kill-A-Watt program engages building occupants to help drive energy conservation and save up to 15% on your utility bill. This multi-faceted program is uniquely designed to stimulate changes in awareness, knowledge and interest in energy conservation so that occupants are motivated to reduce, shift the timing and optimize their plug-load, lighting and HVAC electrical usage. Recognized by the US Department of Energy, the Kill-A-Watt Program had its beginnings on university campuses, recently saving the University of Central Florida $41,000 and Florida International University $21,000.


Reduce IT and Electronics Energy Consumption

Electronics and IT equipment consume nearly 15% (and even more if you have a data center) of your electricity use. Citizen Energy has innovative programs to significantly reduce this consumption. Power management software may assist facilities and IT staff to centrally ‘sleep’ and shut-down computer workstations that are inactive. Green procurement strategies will allow you to acquire the most energy efficient computers, monitors, laptops, faxes, copiers, and multifunction devices. Our data center experts can also help re-design your server and distributed infrastrcuture to centralize and optimize your computing needs.