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We were excited to find Citizen Energy's LED Lighting as-a-Service Program. The program will save us significantly on our electricity and lighting maintenance costs with little to no risk. Participating in the LED Lighting as-a-Service program will help us reduce our carbon footprint and help us achieve green building certifications.


John Alvarado, Property Manager, Essex Condo

We’ve worked with Citizen Energy for over three years now. Through their no-cost upfront LED Lighting as-a-Service program, I was able to convince the condo board to move forward on critical lighting upgrades that were not possible under our budget. And we’re very happy with no longer having to replace our bulbs.


Roselyn Jewell, Property Manager, Shoreham Condo

Citizen Energy made the process of retrofitting our building with LEDs seamless; from the audit, to the design phase, to the installation. Their prices were highly competitive, while still using quality industry leading products and we really appreciated their help in processing our rebates through DCSEU.


Ralph Lewis, Assistant Chief Engineer, 2440 M St Offices
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